Vintage and Repro Shops in London

As a retro girl I love to shop for beautiful dresses and skirts that look like they came from the 40s-60s. But unfortunately we don`t have that many good vintage or reproduction shops in Zürich and the shipping costs from abroad drive me crazy. In a couple of weeks, I will definitely write a blogpost about the few awesome shops we have in Zürich but for now I will tell you all about my shopping trip in London.

First I visited Camden and I`m not sure if Sunday was the best day to choose, because there were an awful lot of people lingering in between the stands! Before you get to Camden Lock were I was heading, you will pass a bunch of colourful and artistic storefronts. And on the opposite side of the street there is Camden Market with tons of little stalls. In my opinion the vendors are way too importunate. I was just checking out what they sell, when I got into an argument with a young man who could not accept that I didn`t want to buy his cardigan immediately, even if he tried to sell it too me for less. If he wouldn`t be so impertinent and just would have told me the price and let me consider if that`s a good deal, I maybe would have bought the quite pretty cardigan from Voodoo Vixen. But he made me not only angry, no he also brought out my social anxieties and I honestly will never go into this maze of booths again, even if you can bargain.

At Camden Lock the sellers are not as aggressive as at the market but the crowed is still enormous. You will find plenty of food stands, souvenir boutiques, art sellers, jewellery counters and vintage shops.

I visited the “Irregular Choice” store, with its adorable and extraordinary shoes, as the name already suggest. But for my gusto they are a little bit to fancy however interesting to look at. It`s only a one room shop and they have a lot of customers, still it`s worth a visit. There is an other store at Carnaby Street (map) but I haven`t visited it.

I had trouble to find the “Collectif” store at Camden Lock (map) because opposite of it there is a strange costume shop that distracted me at first and I walked past the reproduction clothing shop and had to ask somebody, as I got lost in the tangle of little alleys. I think it`s the biggest showroom they have, with its 2 floors. Yet not the prettiest or the newest.

I visited all of their four shops in London (map) and even the one in Brighton. So the one in Camden was big but after hours of running through the lanes of Stables Market I was too exhausted to really enjoy shopping anymore. So my advice, visit “Collectif” first and then look around for other shops. The showroom at Brushfield Street (map) was the cutes one but maybe only because it`s baby blue from the outside and they have a backyard place where it`s connected to the Spitalfields Market, where on Thursdays a flea market takes place.

At 31 Stoke Newington Church Street (map) there is a sale store but most of the clothes are L-XXL or XS and it`s not on “the way”. But the staff is extremely friendly and even told me how to get to Scarlet Rage Vintage.

My favourite “Collectif” store was their newest one at 58 Commercial Street (map). I was really lucky and was there when they had the summer sale and got plenty of beautiful goodies at low prices. And it was near our air B`n`B. To summarize: you can find different items in all four stores but you will not find all of their collections in store, so buying online is a great alternative.

I would like to mention two other shops in “Stables Market” in Camden. “Nora Mae” where I bought the gorgeous Voodoo Vixen Retro Kitty Print Swing Dress, two stunning cardigans and this Voodoo Vixen Amelia Green Cute Black Cat Print Skirt. And the other store is "Camberry London" where my husband bought 3 sensational and very convenient suits.

A shopping trip in London without visiting “Vivian of Holloway” and “Revival Retro” would not be complete. In the first store (map) you will find a ton of different tops, skirts, dresses and hair accessories. They have a great selection of reproduction clothes. The second boutique (map) is very fancy, with a lot of gorgeous items but as I was on a budget I couldn’t afford the beautiful dresses I saw. However, it`s definitely worth a visit!

Now we get to the real vintage shops as "Scarlet Rage Vintage", "Blackout 2" and a store in between repro and vintage: "Pop Boutique London". Shall we start with the last mentioned?

It`s a charming place where you will find a lot from the 60s-90s. I bought this pink vintage blouse there, one piece from their own dress collection and some brooches. "Pop Boutique London" (map) has a lot to offer and it`s inexpensive.

At “Blackout2” ( map) you could spend hours! They have 2 floors full of vintage clothing, hats, bags, shoes and jewellery. It`s tempting to take photos but you are not allowed. I tried on a lot of pretty clothes but most of them weren’t my size, yet I fell in love with this stunning dress and bought a few brooches.

The Ladies from “Scarlet Rage Vintage” (map) are too sweet and so nice. They even recognised me from Instagram and I was a little bit sad I couldn`t buy the lovely vintage clothes because I almost spent all of my money. However, I get hold of this adorable bag and some brooches.

Last but not least I dropped in at “What Katie Did(map). I was looking for a long bra but the very friendly manageress Rachel helped me to find the right thing. I`m not quite sure if I will become a fan of the old fashion lingerie, but when I do, I will definitely ask Rachel for advice!

Oh and if you’re looking for an awesome umbrella as I bought my husband for his birthday, you may visit “James Smith and Sons(map), which is by the way near “Blackout2”, “Pop Boutique London” and “Revival Retro”.

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