Pin up Picnic in the Bar

Thursday, September 1, 2016


the Pin up Picnic was organized by @thebritishbelles



For my very first blog post I decided on the “Pin up Picnic in the Bar”, which was exactly two months ago on the second of July. I find this just perfect for the hopefully glorious start of my blog.


Unfortunately I then realized that the lighting conditions in the bar were terrible, and I just had my Iphone6 to take photos. The photos are of such poor quality that I could have cried, when I tried to save them somehow with Photoshop.


Normally I would never post such low quality pics, but the event was so great, that I decided to do a blog post even with these photos, because I would like to show you how awesome the vintage girls in England are!


The ladies from @thebritishbelles are a couple of sweet retro girls from all over the UK, who organized the first Pin up Picnic in Hyde Park London in 2015.


Myself living in Switzerland, could only dream of participating in that event, even if a weekend trip to London is nowadays not something only millionaires do. So for this year I planned our (my husband and mine) summer vacation around this event.


The idea was to first participate in the picnic and then go on a three-week road trip throughout the south of England. But as my husband could only get off work from the 8th of July onwards, I spent the first week all by myself in London and I also went solo at the picnic, which was a huge deal for me!


I arrived the day before and went straight to my air B`n`B, so the next day was my very first day in London and I had to speak English (and could not hide behind my handsome husband).


Anyways, the week before the event, the weather could not make up its mind and nobody was sure how it would look on Saturday (how unusual for the UK 😂). Thursday, when I was packing for the whole 4 weeks, it was actually raining in London. I thought that would be the end of the Pin up Picnic and that they would cancel or delay it.


packing for a 4 weeks vacation is pretty difficult



But the absolutely amazing @amberrosetheron organized a new indoor location in just a couple of hours. I have no idea how she did it but the “Kanaloa Tiki Bar” was a great alternative. Amber even made a special deal and got us some delicious happy hour drinks for only 5 pound each.



So the new meeting point was at Chancery Lane Tube. I was lucky and already met some vintage girls on the train. One of them @frizzylois was even the winner of my ballpoint pen portrait, which I donated for the charity part of the event. (The British Bells were collecting money for the Birmingham Children`s Hospital and you could win one of 3 awesome prizes!)




my ballpoint pen portrait of the breathtaking @frizzylois



The sight at the tube station was incredible! I never saw so many beautiful women in one spot and never felt so underdressed but at the same time so well accepted. It was overwhelming and my smile went from one ear to the other.


Actually I didn`t know anybody for real (some girls I spotted, I was following on Instagram, and others I saw were my followers, but I never had big conversations over the internet).

At the beginning I was shy and tried my best to start a chat with somebody, which at first didn`t go so well and I was feeling a little awkward. I wasn`t sure if it was the language or the cultural barrier?







As we arrived at the  bar, I was honestly glad they had the happy hour drinks, which weren`t so strong but really tasty and helped calm the nerves. 😋






Then I met @miss_anita_simpson who I know from Instagram. Anita was so welcoming and kind that I immediately felt great. I had a wonderful discussion with her and her husband and we took a few photos together. She was wearing one of the cutest skirts from @pinupgirlclothing I’ve ever seen. I was very thankful that Anita was there for me. It was like I already knew her. And it was so uncomplicated and delightful to speak to her.



@miss_anita_simpson & @misspeachykeen_jellybean & @amberrosetheron




Later when the drinks started to show their effect, I took all my courage and tried again to chat with some of the other girls. I even had the boldness to ask @rachelfrancesx if she would take a photo with me, but afterwards I said “thank you”, smiled like an idiot and ran off.



I was very impresed how tall @rachelfrancesx is or am I so tiny?



I also spent time with the adorable @mammatwohoots who looked stunning in her @vivienofholloway dress. She showed me the flash on my IPhone could be used even for selfies. And at the same table sat @essbdee who was wearing the same unicorn skirt (the jenny skirt in orange print) from @pinupgirlclothing and it suited her extremely well.

I also chatted with her and a few other ladies but I unfortunately don`t remember all of their names.



 the absolut fabulouse @mammatwohoots


 @miss_anita_simpson & @essbdee and I ( @myvintageme )




I strolled around a bit then and took photos. On this occasion I bumped into @natalie_vintagious and @amberrosetheron who both had the most gorgeous hair of the day!! A lot of beautiful flowers and their looks were so perfectly done. At the bar I met @soda_fontaine in a sexy leopard skirt (sorry, I don`t have a photo🙈), and we talked about her new life in London. Wish I could live there too.



the spectacular @natalie_vintagious


@natalie_vintagious and @amberrosetheron looked phenomenal and look at those beautiful flowers!!





After a while I spotted (with delight) @retrogirlck and from this point on I was just perfectly content!

Christine is a real @lindy_bop lady and looked very cute in her baby blue butterfly dress.

So we sat there at a table with her boyfriend, together with Anita and her husband and I must say I had a truly wonderful time!!! It was like seeing old friends, even if we don`t talk that often on the internet.

I had the pleasure to met Christine and her other half Simon again, when my husband and I visited Oxford and we spend a fantastic evening at Bill`s in Marlow!






Next year I certainly have to go again! It was the best retro event I ever attended and that was definitely thanks to all the fabulous women. So hope to see you there next time, on a blanket in the park!




 I  was really proud of my vintage hair but it took my way too long!!!



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