Hoi Zämme (Hi everybody)

My name is Marta and I`m an artist. Maybe you already knew that, but I love to say it again and again and again. It`s pretty much the only benefit you get as an artist – to tell everybody about your awesome job, even if you don`t earn a penny or don’t get a promotion every once in a while.

But that I`m an artist (I said it again, and still love it!) is not the only thing to know about me.

I’m also a vintage girl. I am deeply in love with everything from the 40s to the 60s. If I leave the house, I dress in this style, but add a modern touch. If something is older than 50-60 years, I`m probably drawn to it, and my eyes will light up with little hearts. Lately I have also drawn a lot of vintage Ladies as you can see here.

So I`m an artist (that`s the last time, I promise!) and a vintage girl, who is a big movie and TV series geek, almost addicted to pizza, likes to read, loves to travel the world, has an affection for Disney (movies and parks), has a passion for documenting everything by taking lots of photos and has a weakness for Instagram.

I was born in the 80`s, so Alf was my favourite extra-terrestrial, I was in love with Kevin Arnold from “the wonder years” and dressed my Barbie’s in pink puff-sleeve dresses.

AND I`m also a wife to the love of my life and most caring and supportive man I’ve ever known (Stephan or Sweety as I call him), a big sister to my 3 siblings and a cat lady who absolutely loves her two fluffy kitties Mailo and Leeloo.

in spring 2016, I started my philosophy and history of art studies at the University of Zürich. Maybe you think I`m too “old” for being a freshman, but I always asked questions like the big philosophers do (“Why me?” or “do I really have to do this?”) and I would love to improve the deeper meanings of my art, and therefore a fundamental education in art history could probably be useful. And I have to be honest: 10 years ago I couldn’t appreciate the opportunity of learning new things just for myself, even as I was starting on my college degree at that time, or was it because of it?!? Ok I`m late but better now than never. In summer 2017 I changed my major to Cultural Studies, which is more my thing.

The big question why I started this blog is easy to answer: I have a huge need to communicate and love to discuss plenty of different subjects. So this blog will probably not teach you anything, nor will it show you how to get rich in under a year, or be the place to learn about building your own blog, but it could be a place where you maybe find some thoughts similar to yours. It may also be a space where you could read about things you are interested in, or an area where you could find ideas you never thought of before.

The plan is to write about traveling, stuff I would like to show you in Zürich, my vintage life and looks, art and my thoughts about it and other ideas that I’m eager to share with you (like parallel universes, the secret lives of cats or what it means to live in our society. You see… just normal stuff)

And the reason I’m writing in English even though it`s not my first language (that would be Polish) or my native language (Swiss German), is that most of the folks out there for sure know a little bit of English, and I would like to reach like-minded people even if they don`t live in the same time zone. So please do forgive me for the one or the other typo or odd choice of phrasing.

Well, now you know a little bit about me and I hope you will enjoy my blog.

If you have any suggestions for a blog posts, or would like to collaborate in any way with me as an artist, vintage girl, cat lady or human being, just write me an e-mail at m-art-a@bluewin.ch

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